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In order to keep your business successful, you need to keep your restaurant up to date, so periodically remodeling the building is important. However, restaurant remodeling services can add up quickly, and they might start to cut into your profits, so, as with any commercial remodeling project, the budget that your plan at the outset is one of the most important parts of the project.

At Skyline Innovations, Inc., our professional Chicagoland remodeling contractors can help you plan your remodeling budget at the beginning of the project’s design. We’ve also compiled a few tips to help you plan your budget:

Prioritize Your Restaurant Remodeling Goals

Your commercial remodeling project is a great chance to explore the options that you have for your restaurant. You should start by deciding which parts of the project are non-negotiable. No one ever has a budget that will allow to do everything they’d like to do, so it’s important to prioritize which changes are most important to you and your Chicagoland restaurant.

Choose Elements that Provide a Great ROI

Paint, finishes, lighting, landscaping, and upholstery are a just a few of the things that you can change and make a dramatic difference in the appearance and feel of your restaurant remodeling without a huge initial investment. If you’re interested in keeping your budget small, focus on elements of that project that will cost less while delivering a big bang for your buck.

Limit Changes to Your Infrastructure

If you’re keeping your budget as small possible, try to limit changes to your walls, plumbing, or machinery.

Keep Your Decor In Line With Your Price Point

A casual eatery with an average ticket cost of $10/customer does not need to have the appearance of a pricier venue. Make sure that the decor that you choose for your Chicagoland restaurant matches your prices, or you may end up creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for your patrons.

Leave Your Some Wiggle Room

When you’re planning your budget, you should always plan for the unexpected. There’s nothing worse than finding a budget-busting problem in the middle of your project, so reserve some of your budget for the unexpected. For example, you might need an extra coat of paint or could ensue overtime expenses to stay on schedule. This extra padding can help you launch your redesign within budget and on time, so that you can start to reap the rewards from your remodel.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016